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25 Juni 2011

How To Reduce Fat In Certain Body Parts Without Exercise

For women in particular, certainly less comfortable if there are parts of the body contained excess fat deposits. Moreover, if the fat evenly (obesity) ... O. M. G ....!!! Taste of fatty foods it is our greatest enemy. Uneven fat accumulated in the body caused by blood flow is not smooth (so that the flow of fat not too smooth) which may be caused rarely move the body or seldom exercise, or eat less nutritious foods.

here .. I will provide tips how to eliminate fat by using a coffee.. And how? Hm, sounds interesting yaa.. Ok, here the tips..

Fat that accumulates primarily in the abdomen and thighs are a problem in almost every woman, and it turns out the caffeine in coffee can help solve and shed fat.

Maintenance steps:

brewed coffee without sugar with a little hot water, stirring until evenly like a mask. Apply on the body of fat while a massage until it feels warm or hot. do this with a routine way for 2 times a day before the shower and see the results. Body size will be reduced a few centimeters. Fat will come out of the sweat or urine. So make sure also that we should consume at least 8 glasses of water per day to avoid dehydration.

Good luck,


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